Hello to all European kids out there!

We are Stine and Jan from Hamburg, which is a city in Germany, and we have a vision. Do you know what a vision is? It’s like a really great dream where you imagine the world as beautiful as possible. And the coolest thing is: even when you wake up in the morning, this dream doesn’t stop. A vision stays with you. For days, for months. Some people even have their vision for their whole life.

Do you want to know what our vision is?

We want a capital city for children. Every year in a different European city. There, the children will be the most important people. And this city has to make a real effort to create places and actions that are perfect for children. We would like every big and small city in Europe to want to become a Children’s Capital and there should be a real competition where only one city can win the title for one year. And then in that year children from all European countries visit this capital with their classes or with their families. They meet, get to know each other, play together, do sports and music together, cook and celebrate together.

What does our vision sound like?

Would you like to visit a children’s capital?

Why should there be a children’s capital in Europe?

What must a children’s capital have?

What would you do in the children’s capital?

Can you draw a picture of the children’s capital?

Or a favorite place that should be there?

Or do you have a song that can be sung there?

We would be very happy if you wrote us what you think about our vision. Or if you sent us a photo of your class, together with your ideas for a children’s capital. The photo is for our homepage (www.childrens-capital.eu) and maybe also for the Hamburger Abendblatt, a newspaper in Hamburg that writes a big article about our vision.

And one thing is clear: The more photos we get from classes all over Europe, the bigger the chance that European politicians will decide to establish such a children’s capital. And the more children share our vision, the greater the chance that it will eventually become a reality.

Kind regards – Stine and Jan